Frequently Asked Questions

Simple answers to your most common questions

Could you please tell me more about Domain Name Basics?

It's a free and open learning platform for the global Internet community. Domain Name Basics is a series of presentations, meant to be an overview and training material for newcomers in the domain name industry.

Your presentations could have more details. Why do they only scratch the surface?

These slide decks are not intended to be exhaustive but will provide a good starting point. It would go beyond the scope to write everything down.

Some details in your slide decks are not right!

If you think something is not correct, please send your comments to me. Thank you!

Can I use your data?

Sure, go ahead! However, please respect the License CC BY-ND 4.0. Please also note that the Icons for the presentations are made by Freepik from

I have a feature request!

Awesome! Please send your feature request over to me. Thank you!

What devices and browsers do you support?

This website supports the latest versions of Safari (OS X and iOS), Chrome, and Firefox, but it does not officially support Internet Explorer, Opera Mini, and Android's native Browser.

I found a bug; what do I do?

Please file all bugs over to me. Thank you!